5 Tips for Ordering Hot Paper Cups

Over time, evolution has caught up with hot paper cups with its use changing significantly in the today’s fast-paced environment. Unlike in the past, these cups are no longer only used for drinking water. They are now widely used in drinking cold and hot beverages especially take away drinks. If you are in the distribution business, food retailer, event planner, or your company motivates its employees with free drinks and meals, hot paper cups are something that you cannot avoid.

These paper cups come with different features such that choosing the best option that aligns with your needs can be challenging. So, before you order hot paper cups for your wholesale consider the following tips.

1. Size of the cups

    Disposable paper hot cups are available in different sizes including small, medium, and large size. The size that you order will depend on your specific needs, taste, and preference. In addition, the occasion that you have can also dictate the size of the cups that you will need to order.

    If you are in the business of hotels, cafes, institutions, catering businesses, manufacturers of beverages, it is important to have a variety of these cups in different sizes. This is because these cups are widely used for different occasions. For example, some people might need the paper cups for birthday parties, for coffee, or just for use in the home or office. You may find that the cup size that works for a birthday party is not ideal for use in a coffee shop. To ensure the size of the hot paper cups that you order is determined correctly by your business needs.

    2. Match the shape with your drinking needs

    The shape of the paper hot cup is yet another important factor of consideration when ordering them for your business. Different businesses have diverse drinking needs that dictate the shape of the ideal cups. Are you clear in regard to the specific use of the cups? Cone-shaped paper cups are ideal purely for a fast drink of water. If you plan to use the cups for beverages, then you can settle for the regular shape of the paper cups.

    3. Do you need a cup with a lid?

    Hot paper cups are available in two types; those with a lid, and those without. The decision on whether to buy a paper cup with a lid or without a lid is paramount. The primary use of the paper cups will inform this decision. For example, hot drinks such as brewed coffee are better kept in hot paper cups with lids for the prevention of accidental spills. If you need cups purely for drinking water, you will not have to buy the ones with lids.

    4. Quality of the material

    Though all these hot paper cups are made from paper, the quality of the material differs from one company to the other. Take the time to research the different manufacturers of the cups to evaluate whether their material meets the necessary standards according to ODM and OEM requirements. Always remember that these cups will hold beverages that are to be ingested by human beings.

    5. Your budget

    Budgeting is an important factor to consider before placing any order. You do not want a situation where you order for a certain number of cups when your budget is low. Ensure that you have clear information on the terms of purchase from the supplier and have the right amount of money ready. However, make sure that you have a budget for emergencies that might arise.

    Hot paper cups are common in hotels, cafes, schools, company break rooms, catering businesses, manufacturers of beverages, homes and in the offices. With the diversity in the features of these types of cups, you do not want to overlook any of the aforementioned factors lest you order for cups that you will not use and risk wasting your resources.

    Hot Paper Cups vs. Ceramics Mugs

    Both coffee and tea are favorite beverages consumed extensively in many places worldwide. Pass by any restaurant, and you will see crowds enjoying the drinks either in pairs or fours. There are those that love it in a ceramic mug and others that prefer hot paper cups. The containers have a double layer of insulation to protect your fingers from the hot tea or coffee. This wall also keeps the drink warm for a long time while also providing you with a comfortable grip on the cup. What gives paper cups an edge over ceramic mugs?

    No harmful effect on the environment

    Paper decomposes and does not degrade the environment. With environmental watchdogs piling pressure on governments to act on global warming, using eco-friendly packaging material resonates with good practices. On its part, a ceramic if it breaks and falls out of use, will end up in a landfill where it can stay intact for decades. If disposed of in recyclable material bins, wasted hot paper cups will most certainly turn into a new cup or another product.

    They provide a convenient way to drink

    Drinking from a disposable paper hot cup affords you the comfort of carrying away the beverage. You can drink while shopping, seated on a bench in the park or when driving. The container is lightweight allowing you to carry it wherever you wish. If you have other luggage with you, a takeaway cup will not hinder you from moving the luggage. Conversely, ceramics require that you enjoy the coffee but leave the container behind. Restaurant staff will clean and have it ready for the next customer.

    You get an advertising platform

    Advertising on paper cups has benefits for companies both large and small. All you should do is discuss the terms with a coffee outlet owner. They then allow you to promote your products or services by printing ads on disposable coffee cups. Besides, you can get your business message across to a broad audience since hot paper cups are easy to carry. On the other hand, branding a paper cup is not as costly as having the same graphics done on ceramic mugs.

    Weight and non-spillage

    Hot paper cups are incredibly light, and that is one quality that makes it appropriate for takeaways. Ceramic mugs are massive in comparison and most ideal for reuse. If you are having renovations at home or in the office, you can quickly drive to the nearest coffee shop, grab a few cups for the technicians and drive back. You will not have any spillage, and the renovation crew gets to enjoy their drink while it is still hot. You could also ask for home delivery and get to enjoy similar benefits.

    Lids for spillage prevention

    Unlike ceramic cups, hot paper cups come in different types of covers. If you are having tea or coffee on the go, then this is the container to choose. The liquid inside remains intact and does not spill easily. A ceramic mug does not offer this comfort. Use it in your car, and you will end up with drops on your seat. You might even stain your clothing.

    No cleaning problems

    The aspect of mugs that requires one to clean them for the next usage can be costly. At most, you need a dishwasher at your establishment. The equipment consumes a lot of water and needs someone to man it. Unlike the mug, hot paper cups are not bothersome. Once you serve a client, they either take the container away or throw it in a waste bin. You do not remain with the burden to clean.

    Insulated hot paper cups can either serve tea or coffee. The material used in their manufacture is not usually toxic to the environment. If the cup ends up in a landfill, exposure to weather elements causes it to decompose. On the other hand, when these cups go to a recycling plant, they help make other products or the same cups as before. A paper cup is very light an aspect that enables you to carry it anywhere. Businesses find using hot paper cups as local media outlet through which they can advertise at minimal costs. These cups have lids too and do not require costly cleaning processes.

    Branding With Hot Paper Cups

    Food and beverages that are bought at establishments appeal to consumers in different ways. We flock to fast food outlets and snack bars thanks to creative fads and busy lifestyles. The days of drinking hot beverages from an ugly looking cup are long gone. During the manufacturing process, paper hot cups may not draw significant attention. You will just see stacks of them in sealed plastic bags. Things begin to happen when you turn that cup into a powerful marketing tool by printing your company’s logo.

    Find out how you can turn hot paper cups into promotional items below.

    Reminds customers that you need them

    Following the cut-throat nature of restaurant business, owners leave nothing to chance in their quest to draw-in hungry people. Usually, the focus is on locating the eatery at a strategic place and having an attractive menu. You cannot ignore these concepts but, unfortunately, they do little to make your brand successful. Any restaurant can brew great coffee, but if you serve it in a branded cup, customers will keep it a while remembering where they had such a refreshing drink.

    Clients advertise on your behalf

    A coffee or teacup bearing a firm’s name makes a client keep checking the name of the outlet that served them such a pleasant drink. They will also share this experience with colleagues and friends. Soon enough, the logo you printed on a cup turns out into an unprecedented advertising campaign that keeps customers flocking to your place of business. Another way to look at it is from this angle; any outlet can make tea or coffee. However, no one can make hot beverages exactly the way you do. If you want to distinguish restaurant A from B, it will be done by the ingredients and from the cup used to serve the drink.

    Bombards people with your brand

    Even though brands take time to build, a display of your logo on a hot paper cup is a milestone. Success in advertising comes through the bombarding of consumers with images and names. The idea is to hook prospects so that when someone desires a hot cup of coffee, he or she only remembers to buy at your place based on the logo in mind and pleasant taste and not your competitor’s. All the powerhouses in the food and beverage industry that you know today started by printing logos on cups, straw wrappers, and napkins. Imagine your company logo sitting on people’s desks, in cars on busy roads or going around the street. The next best method after branding is word of mouth, which will happen when people say “how is that coffee or tea?”

    Symbolizes quality and value

    Consider a setting where a coffee shop opens across the street and flocks with customers. Several weeks later, the owner closes it down, and you think that perhaps they chose a wrong location. If you examine carefully, it was lack of branding that let them down. Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer. You would certainly pay more for coffee in a branded cup than that served in a generic container. The former shows that the owners are keen on quality as compared to the latter where selling is the only thing that matters.

    Creativity stays in mind

    A creatively packaged product makes one remember where they bought it. By engaging a creative designer in printing your business logo on a cup, you unknowingly invite clients. People love images that use an artistic combination of color. When someone sees an ad, slogan or picture representing a company, his or her eagerness grows. They will look for your outlet and ask for the same cup of coffee and insist on having it served in a branded container. Some will even keep these cups as objects of art. Unbeknown to them, they help spread the message to others.

    Branding hot paper cups sends the message to prospects that you want their patronage. You turn people into marketers where they sometimes sell without having to utter a word. At the same time, branded cups keep reminding customers that you exist. Whenever they crave a hot beverage, your business always comes to mind. A printed cup sends a message that you care about quality. People also appreciate creativity and this will keep them coming back to enjoy more of the same. Branded cups promote conversations where people ask about the container’s origin. After finding out, they then visit your outlet, bring their friends over and business blossoms.

    Conceptualizing Your Paper Yogurt Cups

    Do you want to start an ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt business? Do you want to grow your brand and give your customers that special touch? Do you want to advertise your business using paper cups? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have your work cut out for you when it comes to designing the best paper yogurt cups. To most people, a cup is just a cup and it doesn’t really matter as long as it serves the purpose. However, if you want to stand out, here are some of the factors you must consider when conceptualizing your business cups.


    Depending on your business, you want a cup that will be suitable for the desserts you sell. Most paper cups are okay holding frozen stuff like yogurt and ice cream. However, the perfect cup should not be limited to cold stuff only; it may be able to handle a hot desert item too without melting or falling apart. When you are conceptualizing your paper yogurt cups, you must ensure that they are able to keep cold stuff cold and hot items hot so insulation is necessary. The cup should also not burn or freeze your hands when you hold it.


    Again, size depends on what you are selling and your business model. For most businesses, 6oz is too small and 12oz is too big. However, you should make cups in every size small-large to meet different needs. You don’t want paper yogurt cups that are too big that the business will be making losses but they should also be big enough to leave customers feeling satisfied with the content inside. The best size for most ice cream shops, frozen yogurt stores, and bakeries is 8 oz. so customers can be able to pile the desert with some toppings or add an extra scoop without difficulty.


    The most important aspect when designing anything including paper yogurt cups is quality. You want something that can hold content without soiling or any leaks and it must stay that way for a long period of time. High-quality paper cups can handle even extreme temperatures and they don’t fall apart or crush easily. One of the ways to do that, besides using a high-quality material, is to have double P.E. coated paper on the inside for leak resistance and strength.

    Spoon placement

    Do you want your clients to be able to use a straw or a spoon to eat out of their frozen yogurt cups? What kind of a lid do you plan for the paper yogurt cups? These are important things to consider and they can make the cups more popular with clients. The perfect cup should pair well with a lid to seal the content in tightly so they don’t spill when you are moving. Most people eat their desserts while walking around or driving in the car and they don’t appreciate messing up their clothes or car seat. A tight-fit lid and a spoon can make all the difference to such people.


    Being able to stack the paper yogurt cups is very important in some establishments because they will take less space and it’s also a great way to display them. Stack-ability also makes transportation easier because you can ship hundreds of cups in a very small package. Make sure the cups stack all the way into each other so one stack can take as many cups as possible.


    One of the best ways to advertise your business is by using the paper yogurt cups and other packaging supplies. It is an affordable way to get your details out there to anyone who will see that cup. The best paper yogurt cups should be white in color so the business owner can be able to brand it the way they want and also write customers’ names and order types. The cups can be branded using sleeves, stencil and even color changing abilities. It should allow the business to go to their chosen length with creativity and marketing strategies.

    Paper yogurt cups are an environmentally friendly and safe way to serve drinks, desserts and other food items. The cups should be recyclable, safe to use and versatile. When conceptualizing these cups, think beyond profitability and focus more on a cup that meets your clients’ needs.

    Dome Lids vs. Flat Lids

    With so many types of paper yogurt cups on the market, it can be incredibly confusing to choose one or two for your business. However, after you have done that successfully, you also need to pick the right accessories to go with it. One of the most important accessories is the lid because you don’t want a customers’ yogurt to spill while they are eating it in the car.

    Additionally, lids help to keep the contents of the paper yogurt cups cool, clean, and safe for consumption. What type of a lid do you choose for your cups? Here is a look at two of the most popular lids in the industry and how they compare when put against each other.

    Dome-shaped lids

    As the name suggests, this type of lid is dome-shaped or conical. The lid is perfect for products such as milkshakes, smoothies, ice cream, lattes, and frozen yogurt in paper yogurt cups.  This is because they allow plenty of room to add whipped cream, sprinkles or any other extras you want to add to your serving. Here are some other advantages of conical lids:

    •      If you serve a frozen yogurt dessert, the cone-shaped lid will give it space to shake and release some steam as opposed to flat lids that force all the steam to accumulate inside the cup.
    •      Conical lids allow the cup to be filled with content all the way to the rim because the lid will give extra space for air and movement.
    •      With enough room for the drink to shake, it means there will be no spills or leakage.
    •      Conical lids are associated with high-end establishments because they are more costly, they provide a splash barrier, and they add to the aesthetic appeal of the paper yogurt cups. If you are walking around with a yogurt or coffee with a simple flat lid, people assume you got it from the no-name place around the corner.
    •      All dome-shaped lids are made of a stronger material so they are more durable and better in case you drop your dessert.

    Flat Lids

    Flat lids fit completely flat on the rim of the cup. The biggest advantage of flat lids is that they are cheaper than dome lids so people trying to save on cost find them suitable. Flat lids also allow you to stack as many cups as you want for delivery and this is something you cannot do with conical lids over paper yogurt cups. Unlike dome-shaped lids, you can brand a flat lid clearly so the customers can see your brand on top of the drink every time without struggle.

    However, there are a couple of cons to flat lids such as:

    •      They lock in all the heat inside the paper yogurt cup and if the dessert is shaken long enough for example when you are driving, the lid can pop open and spill the dessert. The only way you can make sure there is some room inside the yogurt cup is to avoid filling it to the brim.
    •      You can barely add anything to your frozen yogurt cup or ice cream because there is no room for that unless you take the lid off.
    •      Flat lids hold less aesthetic appeal compared to conical lids. This is because they are too common and are widely used in most containers.
    •      Unless you use a straw or take the lid off, it’s almost impossible to eat while a plastic lid is still on.

    Factors to consider when choosing paper yogurt cup lids


    When choosing lids for your paper yogurt cups, the most important factor to consider is quality because you don’t want your customers to spill all over their clothes when eating dessert. The lid must be strong, well-fitting, and made of premium food grade material.


    The best lid should be reusable so you can use it again and again but it’s also important that once you are done, you can dispose of it for recycling.

    Whether you have chosen conical or flat lids for your paper yogurt cups, the most important factor is safety for your clients and picking a lid that can be used with any frozen dessert without being affected by temperature.

    Paper Yogurt Cup Dividers Add Product Value

    Competition in the modern world is something every business owner should be aware of considering its far-reaching impact. The frozen yogurt business, for example, has seen an influx of different brands of yogurt with diverse tastes and features. In spite of such an increase in competition, no single business wishes to be left out.  A simple solution may be the key needed, such as adding in a paper yogurt cup divider if it seems that you’ve done all you can.

    One key feature of a business will help increase the word of mouth and business branding to further outreach. Target branding is very important and setting your business apart from the others can be so easy. If you have added new flavors, changed the logo on your paper yogurt cups, and other strategies, all in order to create a considerable impact on your consumers but feel you are not succeeding.

    Have you tried the use of paper yogurt dividers? Perhaps, this is one area your business is missing to get that extra value for your product and attract numerous buyers. But, what really are paper yogurt dividers and how can they add value to your product?

    What are paper dividers?

    A Paper yogurt cup divider is an accessory used in the separation of flavors of any beverage depending on the tastes and preference of your consumers. Paper cup dividers are used in creating different compartments in a cup such that each compartment can accommodate different flavors of the same product. Such an addition offers a great way to give customers a platform to add diverse topping on each side of their dessert. These dividers are ideal for use with yogurt to capture the interest of various people with respect to their tastes and preferences.

    How can yogurt dividers add value to your product?

    The only two questions that come to the mind of any business owner upon the introduction of a given product or accessory is how beneficial the new item?  Is the value as far-reaching as it seems? Perhaps you have the same questions regarding the yogurt dividers. Here are some benefits of paper yogurt dividers for your business.

    You will capture the consumers who love multiple flavors

    Different consumers show diverse tastes and preference when it comes to the flavors of yogurt to choose from. If you have been running a yogurt business specializing in one flavor but your business has not been doing well, think again. Most likely, you are leaving out a category of consumers –there are people who love multiple flavors, and will not like a mixture of the flavors. Those are the customers that you can tap into if you implement the use of paper yogurt cups dividers in your business. Cup dividers make it possible to ensure that different flavors of your yogurt, though in the same cup do not mix.

    Separate toppings of yogurt flavors

    Using paper yogurt dividers allows you to separate particular toppings from your already frozen yogurt. There is a certain category of yogurt lovers who, although they like frozen yogurt, they will not like it as much if mixed with certain toppings at specified temperatures or flavors. For instance, not everybody will enjoy gummy worms on chocolate yogurt. As such, with frozen yogurt cup dividers, you can separate the worms from the chocolate yogurt all within the paper yogurt cup for customers with such tastes and preferences.

    You give your clients options

    With two to four different flavors in one cup, your clients will have the creative license to consume their yogurt however they please. Some may opt to take one flavor at a time; others may decide to do a little mix-up by scooping one flavor type then scooping the other and mixing to see how they like the taste. With paper yogurt dividers, you give your clients not just regular yogurt but a whole new experience.

    Evidently, the inclusion of dividers in your paper yogurt cups is a great marketing idea that can really increase the value of your product. Do however be very intentional about the quality of paper yogurt dividers you choose to buy. Do not skimp on cost, in this case – cheap will end up being very expensive for you. The best paper yogurt dividers are designed from high-quality materials to ensure you go for these.