The Ultimate Brand Exposure Formula For Your Ice Cream Business

Looking to expand your ice cream business? Focus on your brand. From customized ice cream cups to carry bags, putting your brand front and center in front of as many potential customers as possible is an effective, proven way to attract attention and grow your business.

Used in tandem with conventional marketing, branded supplies can have a synergistic effect on your business. Below, we’ve shared a simple, effective brand exposure formula that you can use to enhance your visibility, strengthen your brand and expand your ice cream business.

Focus on Visibility

Visibility is one of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign, especially for local businesses such as ice cream shops. In short, the more visible your stores and products are, the more likely passersby and local residents are to give your products a try.

One of the easiest ways to increase your visibility is to use your existing product sales as an opportunity to market your brand.

For an ice cream business, this means switching from plain cups to branded ice cream cups, from plain paper carry bags to branded carry bags, and from a product-first, branding-second strategy to one in which brand and product are equal.

Are you taking advantage of every possible opportunity to increase visibility? From ice cream cups to carry bags, napkins and more, aim to brand every supply your business uses to earn maximum visibility and attention.

As small as these changes can seem, over the long term, they can have a profound impact on your ice cream business’s brand recognition and growth.

Be as Unique as Possible

The world’s most effective brands have one thing in common: they’re totally unique and unlike their competitors.

In a world of bland, conventional technology logos and brand identities, Apple stands out due to its sleek, ultra-modern brand image. Starbucks stands out for the same reason — it’s a unique and easily identifiable logo isn’t like anything else you see at the front of a coffee shop.

In crowded industries like ice cream, it pays to be unique. By creating and promoting a unique, one-of-a-kind brand, you earn more for your money, with each exposure more likely to result in potential customers remembering you.

This could mean a unique, eye-catching color scheme. It could mean a logo that stands out from the crowd. It could simply mean a fun, memorable brand name. The key is to stand out and aim to be unique, as doing so can produce a huge range of benefits for your business.

Take Quality Seriously

Finally, it’s important to make sure that your brand is presented in the light, style, and design you want to see it in. This means avoiding low quality, cheap printed supplies and ensuring you use the best in the business.

Even with a perfectly designed logo and flawless color scheme, cheap materials can negatively affect your brand perception. Take quality seriously and invest in ice cream cups, carry bags and other materials that present your brand in the best possible light to maximize your results.

How to Design Disposable Coffee Cups That “Wow” Your Customers

Designing disposable coffee cups for your café? Just like the interior of your coffee shop or the quality of your products, your disposable packaging is another opportunity to impress and “wow” your customers.

While disposable coffee cups might not seem like an important design priority, they’re definitely deserving of attention.

First, they serve as portable, mobile advertisements for your business, advertising your café or restaurant wherever they go. Second, they’re a proxy indicator of your product’s quality — even the best coffee can feel less impressive if it’s served in an underwhelming, generic paper cup.

Because of this, it’s important to put real time, effort and creativity into the design of your coffee cups. Below, we’ve listed four tactics that you can use to enhance your disposable cup design, set your brand apart and truly “wow” your target customer audience.

Use Vector Graphics for Crisp, Sharp Results

One of the most common graphic design mistakes, particularly for cafés and other small, owner-operated businesses, is using rasterized graphics when designing logos, disposable coffee cup graphics, and other marketing materials.

Rasterized graphics, which are made up of pixels, scale poorly, meaning there’s a risk of your logo looking pixelated and blurry when it’s blown up to a larger size. This means that a graphic that looks good on a small espresso cup might not look as sleek on a large 20-ounce cup.

Instead, it’s far better to use vector graphics, which scale perfectly and preserve the shape and appearance of your original design. Vector graphics can be scaled to infinity, meaning they look just as sharp, crisp and smooth on a large disposable cup as they do on a small one.

These technical design choices might not seem important, but they can have a significant effect on the look and feel of your coffee cups.

Remember, great design isn’t just about having a unique, eye-catching logo — it’s also about the image you present. Opt for sharp, crisp vector graphics over blurry rasterized graphics and you’ll give your café a more professional image — one that can help you attract more customers.

Keep Text Large, Simple and Easy to Read

Another common graphic design mistake for disposable coffee cups is including too much text in your design.

Because coffee cups are cylindrical, they’re far from ideal for reading large blocks of text. Add a whole paragraph of text to your disposable coffee cup design and it’s far more likely to confuse and frustrate your customers that have a significant impact.

Instead, it’s best to keep your text content large, simple and easy to read. Choose bold, clearly visible typefaces that are easy to read from a distance, all while limiting your design to a total of 15 words of text or less.

One option is to simply include the name of your café, as well as key information such as your house coffee’s origins or a key selling point of your brand. In general, it’s always best to keep the text size of your disposable coffee cup design as short, sweet and simple as possible.

Keep the Shape of the Cup in Mind

Disposable coffee cups are three-dimensional objects, with a cylindrical shape that doesn’t have any totally flat surfaces. This means that squares, circles, and other shapes will never quite have a perfect look — from any angle, they’ll always look slightly distorted.

Because of this, it’s best to avoid designs that are overly dependent on straight lines or perfectly formed shapes. While they might look great on a screen, they’re likely to look distorted when on the face of a disposable coffee cup.

Instead, focus on simple graphics that don’t lose their appearance when they’re slightly distorted due to the shape of a coffee cup. A simple logo, mascot or pattern looks good from every angle, making it a great alternative to an overly complex cup design.

Focus on Bold, Distinctive Design Elements

If your goal is to use your disposable coffee cups as a marketing tool for your café, it’s important to focus on visibility. This means using bold, distinctive design elements that passersby can spot from several feet away, often in just a few seconds.

Remember, you only have a few seconds to make an impact and remind people about your café or coffee brand. Instead of a small logo, consider picking a bold, eye-catching color for the entire cup. Prefer a plain white cup? Stand out with a huge, bold, eye-catching logo.

Whichever design elements you choose to focus on, the key to this tactic is clear — be bold and big, since you don’t have long to make an impact. By focusing on boldness and visibility, you’ll create a disposable cup design that attracts attention and produces real, measurable results.

Order Your Custom Disposable Coffee Cups Online

Searching for a reliable supplier for your custom coffee cups? We can manufacture high quality, full-color coffee cups with your custom logo, color scheme, tagline and other branding in seven to nine weeks.

To learn more about our services, view our range of custom printed coffee cups online. You can also contact us to talk to a member of our team and request a quote for your business.

What to Look For in Disposable Cups, Sleeves and Carriers for Your Coffee Shop

Shopping for disposable coffee cups for your café? Disposable coffee cups are essential for any coffee shop, helping you to offer to-go beverages for your customers and increase your sales to people that want to enjoy your drinks but don’t have the time to dine in.

Like any other essential business item, the type of disposable cups you choose for your coffee shop can have a significant impact on your business. Pick high quality, reliable cups and you’ll get great results; opt for cheaper, lower quality cups and you could have unhappy customers.

Likewise, high-quality disposable coffee accessories such as sleeves, carriers, and lids are just as important for your business, helping you keep customers happy and enjoy spills, leaks and other inconveniences.

As trivial as these things might seem, they’re a surprisingly big deal — from cups to lids, using higher-than-average quality disposable items can set your café apart from the competition and help you establish yourself as a premium, desirable brand.

Below, we’ve listed the key features that you should look for when buying disposable cups and other items for your coffee shop — from materials to design — to help you make sure you only ever use the very best for your business.

The Right Sizes for Your Products

Disposable coffee cups come in a variety of sizes, meaning you’ll want to select several options for your business.

Generally, you’ll want to choose disposable cups in a small, medium and large size to suit your different drink options. Most cafés use an eight or 10-ounce cup for their “small” coffee drinks, a 12-ounce cup for their “regular” size and a 16-ounce cup for “large” beverages.

Do you offer an “extra-large” serving size? If so, it’s worth including some 20-ounce disposable cups in your order to cater to customers in need of an extra-large serving.

In addition to these sizes, it’s also best to look for small disposable cups for single and double servings of espresso. Most cafés use four-ounce cups for these purposes, as they offer more than enough space for a double shot of espresso without feeling overly large.

Finally, if you offer iced versions of your coffee drinks or smoothies, it’s essential to purchase a range of plastic smoothie cups, as well as lids.

Durable, Temperature-Resistant Materials

Low-quality disposable coffee cups are often made from thin, weak paper that warps, weakens and breaks when exposed to hot temperatures. The end result is a higher risk of your hot coffee drinks leaking or spilling onto customers, creating a significant liability for your business.

When you’re comparing disposable coffee cups, look for cups that are made using high-quality materials. For hot beverages, the typical material of choice for disposable cups is PE paper — a form of paper that’s coated with a thin layer of polyethylene.

Polyethylene is a form of plastic. When it’s applied to paper, it protects the integrity of the paper and reduces the risk of hot materials — for example, a hot cup of coffee — from weakening the paper and causing leaks to develop. In short, it’s a stronger, more reliable form of paper.

For hot beverages, it’s essential that you use PE paper instead of traditional paper cups (such as those used for cold beverages and/or water dispensers), as PE paper has a far lower risk of causing leaks, becoming soggy or breaking under the weight of a beverage.

For cold drinks, the most common option is to use disposable plastic cups. Plastic cups tend to offer a better grip for cold drinks (unlike paper cups, they typically don’t become slippery when wet). They also don’t become damp and soggy when filled with cold liquids.

Most plastic cups are made from polyethylene terephthalate or PET plastic. This light, durable form of plastic is eco-friendly (it’s completely recyclable) and makes it easy for your customers to enjoy your iced beverages.

Because PET plastic cups are clear, they’re also great for showcasing unique-looking drinks, from blended coffee drinks to shakes, smoothies, and teas.

Other Items

Cup sleeves (or cup jackets) are also an important consideration for any café. As always, the key factor to look for in a set of cup sleeves is quality materials — ideally, you’ll want to opt for thick PE paper or corrugated cardboard.

Both of these materials provide optimal insulation from the warmth of a hot beverage, all while giving you the opportunity to promote your business through a customized design.

Finally, every café needs a range of cup carriers. Ideally, it’s best to have both plastic carriers (for plastic beverage containers, such as smoothie cups) and cardboard cup carriers (for hot beverages, such as hot coffee), to keep all of your options covered.

Shop Online for Disposable Cups, Sleeves, Carriers and More

Do you need disposable cups, cup sleeves, carriers and other items for your café? We offer a large range of high quality, customizable café supplies, with a huge variety of sizes and design options for you to choose from.

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A Complete Guide to Disposable Coffee Cup Sizes, Materials and Designs

Americans love coffee — a fact that’s proven by statistics. Approximately 60% of all American adults drink one to three cups of coffee per day, with an incredible 21% drinking between four and eight cups of coffee per day.

In short, coffee isn’t just popular — it’s arguably the most popular hot beverage available for most adults.

With increasingly busy schedules, most people no longer enjoy their coffee while seated in a café. Instead, they opt to take their coffee out with them, drinking it on the way to work, in the car, at the office or simply while out and about.

Because of this, the right disposable coffee cups are essential for the success of your coffee shop.

From sizes to materials, custom designs and more, we’ve explained everything you need to know about coffee cups below, helping you put together all of the cups and other essentials required to run a successful coffee shop.

Disposable Coffee Cup Sizes

Disposable coffee cups come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from small cups designed for single servings of fresh espresso to large cups designed to contain large lattes, Americanos, cappuccinos and other water and milk-based coffee beverages.

There are also plastic coffee cups, which are designed to hold iced beverages and blended coffee drinks.

Four Ounce Coffee Cups

Four-ounce cups are usually the smallest disposable coffee cups available. These cups are typically used for small servings of espresso, such as single or double-shot espresso drinks, plus espresso-based drinks such as espresso macchiato.

If you serve espresso in your coffee shop, you’ll want a reasonable supply of these cups on hand, as they can help you avoid wasting larger disposable coffee cups on smaller servings.

As well as being perfectly sized for espresso shots, four-ounce coffee cups make great taste tester cups, helping you let customers sample different coffee blends, brewing methods, and other options before deciding what to purchase.

Eight Ounce Coffee Cups

Designed for small to medium-sized hot coffee beverages, eight-ounce coffee cups are the industry standard for small coffee servings. If you offer small, medium and large sizes, you’ll likely want to choose these cups for your “small” option.

At eight ounces, these cups are large enough to hold a small to mid-sized Americano, latte, cappuccino or other water or milk-based coffee. Like all of our hot cups, they’re designed to safely contain hot beverages without weakening due to heat.

10 and 12 Ounce Coffee Cups

10 and 12-ounce coffee cups are medium in size, making them an excellent option for your mid-sized serving. These cups have slightly more space than our eight-ounce coffee cups, making them a great upsell option.

These two cup sizes differ slightly in design and dimensions. The 10-ounce cups are shorter, with a slightly wider circumference. The 12-ounce cups have a slightly slimmer, taller design that’s ideal for lattes, cappuccinos and other drinks with plenty of milk foam.

16 and 20 Ounce Coffee Cups

Want to offer a really large serving size to your customers? Then you’ll want to stock a large supply of our 16 and 20-ounce disposable coffee cups, which are ideal as “large” and “extra large” serving sizes.

At more than double the size of a standard eight-ounce cup of coffee, these large disposable cups are great as optional upsells for your customers that really need a large jolt of caffeine in the morning, as well as for people that prefer their coffee on the large side.

Both of these disposable cups have a tall, slim design, with a similar circumference to many of our smaller coffee cups. This means that despite their large capacity, they can still comfortably fit inside most vehicle cup holders for extra convenience.

Disposable Coffee Cup Materials

Disposable coffee cups are available in two different materials — single PE paper, which is used for hot beverages, and plastic. Plastic cups are almost exclusively used for cold drinks, such as iced coffees, blended coffee beverages, and smoothies.

If your coffee shop offers both hot and cold coffee beverages, you’ll want to have a mix of both PE paper cups, which can safely hold hot beverages without warping or weakening and plastic cups, which are optimal for cold beverages.

Customizing Your Coffee Cups

Interested in customizing your coffee cups? We offer customization options for all of our coffee cup sizes, from four ounces all the way up to our extra-large 20-ounce disposable cups.

All of our disposable coffee cups can be customized with your color scheme, logo, brand name, tagline and other information. Learn more about our custom printed coffee cups on our custom disposable cup branding page.

Order Cups and Other Supplies for Your Coffee Business

Are you searching for a reliable supplier of disposable cups for your café or restaurant? We’re here to help. From small cafés to large chains, we supply disposable cups, utensils and other essentials to a diverse range of food and beverage businesses.

For more information, view our range of café supplies online. You can also contact us directly to talk to a member of our team and request a quote for your business.

5 Tactics for Getting the Most From Your Custom Branded Takeaway Coffee Cups

The right takeaway coffee cups not only let your customers enjoy your beverages wherever they go — they can also serve as highly effective, inexpensive marketing assets for your café or other food and beverage business.

From the color of your takeaway cups to your branding, a variety of factors go into creating cups that not only help customers enjoy your hot or cold drinks but also market your business in the process.

Would you like to increase your sales and strengthen your brand using this affordable, effective form of marketing? Below, we’ve listed five tactics to help you get stronger results from custom branded coffee cups and fuel growth of your coffee business.

Make Your Brand Big, Bold and Visible

First, it’s important to make sure your coffee cup branding is big, bold and easy for people to see from a distance.

People are going to notice your takeaway custom printed coffee cups in a number of situations, from walking past a customer to spotting an empty cup on a table, countertop or other surfaces. As a result, your branding needs to be big, bold and easy to read from at least five feet away.

By focusing on visibility and readability, you’ll make it easier for people to notice your custom branded disposable coffee cups, all while making the text (ideally your brand name, logo and product name) as readable as possible.

Pick a Color That Represents Your Business

Every great food and beverage business has a distinctive color scheme, whether it’s red and yellow of McDonald’s or the dark green of Starbucks. Spot these colors on a storefront and even from 100 yards away, you’ll be able to accurately guess what you’re looking at.

While your café may not have the same brand recognition or scale of Starbucks or McDonald’s, there’s nothing stopping you from using the same tactics to promote your brand and grow your business.

When you order disposable coffee cups for your café, restaurant or other food service business, choose a color scheme that matches your locations. This way, passersby won’t just notice your coffee cups — they’ll also associate them with your physical locations, cafés, and distributors.

Instead of Cups, Brand Your Coffee Sleeves

Can’t afford to invest in branded coffee cups? While branded disposable coffee cups aren’t all that expensive, minimum order quantities can make them out of reach for small cafés and other budding food and beverage businesses.

If you’d like to get some of the benefits of branded coffee cups at a lower cost, it’s worth thinking about using branded coffee sleeves. These sleeves fit over your coffee cups, providing a layer of insulation for customers while displaying a certain logo or message.

Like coffee cups, coffee sleeves can be customized to suit your needs, making it easy to add a logo, tagline, brand name, address and other important promotional information to help people discover and find your business.

Keep it Simple and Easy to Understand

Just like billboards, posters and other forms of visual advertising, the best custom coffee cups are simple and easy to understand.

A disposable coffee cup isn’t a great place to showcase your entire menu or highlight the origin of your coffee beans. Instead, it’s a perfect platform for letting people know who you are, what you sell and where you’re located.

In short, it’s always best to keep it simple. Instead of putting your entire pitch, value proposition and story on your disposable coffee cups, choose a simple message that draws people in and encourages foot traffic into your café.

Be Unique and Distinctive, Not Generic

Finally, it’s important to remember that you likely aren’t the only café in your area for marketing your products using custom branded disposable coffee cups. It’s very likely that your competitors are doing the same thing, making it important that you stand out with a unique look.

Instead of opting for a generic design, make a note of your competitors’ disposable cup designs and aim to stand out from the crowd. From a certain color to a distinct pattern, often it only takes one small, unique element to create a unique impression.

In the world of marketing, it rarely pays to be generic. Aim to create disposable cups that show the best of your business and brand, all while offering a unique look that sets your café, diner, restaurant or other food service business apart from its competitors.

Order Custom Coffee Shop Supplies Online

Are you searching for high quality, customizable supplies for your coffee shop? From disposable cups to utensils and more, we offer a complete range of high-quality supplies for cafés, eateries and other food businesses.

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Cups, Sleeves and Carriers: A Complete Guide to the Essentials for Any Takeaway Coffee Shop

Fresh, great-tasting coffee is just one element of running a successful coffee shop. From the location of your café to tables and seating arrangements, interior decorating, music and more, an extensive range of factors go into making your coffee shop a success.

One important factor that’s frequently overlooked by would-be coffee shop owners is what we call the “everyday supplies” side of running a café. This includes the seemingly minor but vital items that your customers expect — things like disposable cups, straws, stirrers and more.

From spreading the word about your café to helping customers enjoy a great experience, the “everyday supplies” of your coffee shop can have a surprisingly large effect on your brand, as well as the success of your business.

From cups to sleeves, carriers, utensils and more, we’ve put together a complete guide to the coffee shop essentials below, all to make stocking your coffee shop with supplies as simple as possible.

Disposable Cups

In this fast-paced age, not everyone has time to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee inside your café. As a result, a large percentage (for most cafés, a majority) of your customers will want to order their coffee to go.

Disposable coffee cups are typically made from thick paper, allowing them to easily hold warm beverages without weakening or leaking. They’re available with plan coloring, or customizable graphics to match your café’s branding.

Paper hot cups are available in a range of sizes, starting from four ounces and ranging up to 20 ounces. For the most part, you’ll want to choose options for small, medium and large drinks, as well as smaller cups for single or double shots of espresso.

Your choice of disposable coffee cups has a significant impact on your business, so it’s worth investing some time and thought into the look, feel and size of the cups you choose for your coffee shop.

As you’d expect, most disposable coffee cups come with matching lids, letting a to-go beverage to keep its heat for longer. Disposable lids are typically made from plastic and fit around the rim of the cup, often with an open/closed hole for consuming the beverage.

Coffee Cup Sleeves (or Napkins)

Coffee cup sleeves are cylindrical pieces of cardboard that slip around a coffee cup to prevent the hot beverage from hurting the customer’s hands. While these aren’t essential (if you use a thick disposable cup, you might not need them), they’re usually worth having in your café.

Like disposable coffee cups, coffee cup sleeves are customizable, meaning you can add your logo, slogan or other graphics with ease. Many coffee shops opt for generic white paper coffee cups and instead promote their brand using a customized sleeve.

Prefer not to use sleeves for your disposable coffee cups? As a cheap, simple alternative, you can also use a folded brown napkin.

Stirrers and Straws

As small as they might seem, stirrers and straws are essential items for running any successful café.

Like disposable coffee cups, straws are available in a variety of sizes. Most coffees, teas and other non-blended beverages use a thin plastic straw, while smoothies, blended coffee drinks, and fruit juices often use a larger, wider, film-wrapped straw.

If you sell a large range of beverages in your café, you’ll want to have matching straws for each beverage type to provide an enjoyable drinking experience for your customers.


Finally, the right utensils are must-haves for any coffee shop. From spoons (vital for shakes and blended coffee drinks) to forks (essential if you sell muffins, sandwiches or desserts), every café needs a dependable supply of disposable utensils for its customers.

Disposable utensils are available in a range of sizes, colors, and materials. Generally, you’ll want to opt for utensils made from environmentally-friendly, biodegradable materials, as these have a limited environmental impact if they’re not properly disposed of by your customers.

For food served in your cafe, it’s okay to opt for heavier plastic forks, spoons, and knives, which provide more control and leverage for your diners. In either case, it’s important to have a range of sizes on hand — you’ll want small spoons for drinks, as well as larger utensils for meals.

Order High-Quality Supplies for Your Café

Searching for café supplies? We stock a full selection of supplies for modern cafés, from coffee cups with customizable branding in a complete range of sizes to stirrers, straws, biodegradable utensils and more.

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5 Advantages of Using Branded Disposable Coffee Cups for Your Café

A great disposable coffee cup does more than just hold your beverage. It can also serve as a powerful marketing channel for your business, helping you bring in more customers, sell more coffee and generate more revenue.

In fact, the design of your disposable coffee cups can have a range of significant benefits for your business. We’ve listed five of them below, along with tips on how to implement a custom disposable coffee cup design into your café or food and beverage business.

Generate Free Advertising for Your Brand

Ever wonder how Starbucks grew into the giant it is today? In its early years, the small Seattle coffee chain was one of the first to add custom branding to its takeout cups, making it easy for passersby to associate the beverages with the brand.

When you add your logo, tagline, color scheme and another branding to your disposable coffee cups, you turn ever beverage you sell into a moving, mobile advertisement for your business.

This puts your brand in front of hundreds of people whenever a customer walks through a mall with your beverage in hand. Better yet, it adds social proof to your product by putting your brand in the hands of an existing customer.

In short, a branded coffee cup acts as a mobile billboard for your café, helping you generate a huge amount of visibility without the costs of conventional banners, billboards, and other visual advertising.

Encourage Repeat Purchases From Existing Customers

Have you ever noticed an empty coffee cup on your desk and suddenly felt the urge to drink a cup of coffee? It’s a real phenomenon, and when it’s your brand that’s on the customer’s desk, there’s a good chance it’s your café they’ll visit.

Branded coffee cups not only serve as a form of free marketing for earning the attention of new customers — they can also act as free advertising for your café with existing customers, helping you bring regulars back in for another cup of coffee.

In the world of branding, repetition is everything. By adding your logo to your disposable coffee cups, you can increase the repetition factor and convert your café into more than “just another place to drink coffee,” but the go-to destination for your target audience.

Strengthen Your Brand and Business Identity

In the competitive world of takeout coffee, branding matters. Establish your coffee shop as the go-to option for local residents, workers and passersby and you’ll earn a steady stream of sales and customers that can help your business grow.

Neglect to develop a brand and even with the best coffee in the area, your business can fail to thrive.

Branding your disposable cups helps you develop a brand that people will remember. By putting your logo, brand identity and message front and center on your product, customers are far more likely to remember your business, return for a repeat visit and recommend you to their friends.

Develop Your Product or Brand’s Image

Packaging has a huge effect on customer perception. From the sleek, minimalistic packaging of Apple products to the luxurious boxes used by jewelry companies, the world’s top brands know that the packaging is, in many ways, just as important as the product.

The world of coffee, tea, and other beverages is no different. Just like a certain glass can add a level of intrigue and uniqueness to a cocktail, the right disposable cup design can give a cup of coffee a unique, eye-catching look that brands it with a certain quality.

From a dark, conservative color scheme to a bright, fresh image, the look and feel of your coffee cups can have a significant impact on the way people perceive not just your coffee, but the feel, vibe, and values of your café as a whole.

Create a Professional First Impression

Finally, opting for branded disposable coffee cups instead of generic paper cups helps to give your café a professional image — one that many customers will associate with a higher quality product.

By branding your disposable cups, you show that you’re serious about running your business — that you’re willing to invest in making sure even the smallest details aren’t just good, but perfect.

This all contributes to a positive first impression that helps customers associate your coffee, tea and other drinks with a reputable, responsible business. Over the long term, this can contribute to higher customer retention rates, greater sales and more revenue for your business.

View Our Custom Café Supplies

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